Field Marketing

Field marketers attend  pop-up shops and booths at conventions  to represent our brand. 

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketers must be familiar with content creation, graphic design, and  ads. 

Visuals and Brand Marketing

Visual and Brand Marketers must have experience with advertisement displays, digital and physical tools to set up an effective visual campaign. 

Influencer and Event Marketing

Influencer marketers should have experience in organizing and launching campaigns. Should be experienced in building and retaining business relationships and securing/recruiting top talent.

Account and Relationships Manager

Account manager should have experience in data entry and reports. Relationship manager should have experience in delivering feedback and providing solutions to strengths and weaknesses of a campaign and concerns of a marketing team. 

Display their FAQs

"Do I need a resume?"

Yes, you should  e-mail management your resume ahead of time. 

"Do I need to be required to to have an instagram account?

No, you are not required to manage a social media profile for employment. 

"Do I need to dress a certain way?"

You should dress professional and comfortable. Business casual is acceptable.