Perfect Brows was established by one of the best threading artist in the United States. Pooja Dodhiwala Toor studied under the watchful eye of India’s most talented hair removal experts; she then began to fulfill her vision of bringing her unique ability to shape the eyebrows so precisely with only the use of thread to the fashion forward Southern California market.  Thus Perfect Brows was born!  The company was established with one objective at hand; every artist at Perfect Brows must encompass the same principals, technique, knowledge and ability to craft that so unique shape, that is individual to each and every face. The technique has been around for hundreds of years, but the attention to detail, is something that Perfect Brows feels they have perfected! We ask you to simply search our name across the World Wide Web, or stop into any of our locations across Southern California & Texas, and you too will see what others have to say about our work. Your brows are our canvas, and we will create a masterpiece for each and every individual who walks through our doors. 

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Lights - Camera - Action

Lighting up Hollywood and the OC weekly! 

Holding it down at Graystone Manor in Hollywood, CA 


Some of our super talented staff.

Just another casual dinner out with some of our amazing Southern California team members. Over 100+ years of brow shaping experience pictured above!