Brand Ambassador

Influencer Brand Ambassador

Influencers must have a minimum of 10k+ followers. 

Trade for Trade-service for post. 

Commission based compensation for referrals. 

VIP Brand Ambassador

Visit our stores and love us on social media and as a thank you you get. exclusive perks and discounts and early access to new products and services. 

Loyal Brand Ambassador

Subscribe to our newsletter and stay in touch with the latest developments on our mission to spread positivity and unique perfection. Participate and join the movement by #myperfectbrows 

Brand Collaboration

We love collaborating. Lets share the love and join forces. With perfect brows anything is possible. 

Display their FAQs

"Do I need a resume?"

No, a resume is not required, but we definitely would like to get to you know you  or your brand before we commit to a short/long term relationship.

"Do I need to be required to to have an instagram account?

No, you are not required to have social media to be a brand ambassador, attending our events, visiting us  at our multiple locations, and spreading our message also makes you a brand ambassador. 

"Do I need to look a certain way to become a brand ambassador?"

You should definitely have brows and  if you don't, we got you sis. Otherwise, we want your be the perfect version of yourself in your own unique way.